Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra:  To Know

Sahasrara or the Crown Chakra is the seventh and final charka within this energetic system.  The Sanskrit translation of Sahasrara is “thousand petaled”, or the Lotus of a Thousand Petals.  This is symbolic of supreme consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.  This is the final gateway that connects the individual mind with the Universal Mind.  It is the seat of Immortality.

The element associated with the crown chakra is Thought.  It is located at the top of the head, and represents consciousness, information, knowing, understanding, transcendence, and immanence.

The seed sound is Silence, that which upholds all.  Inner Silence from a dedicated meditation practice cleanses, heals, and balances this chakra.  The colors associated with the Sahasrara chakra are violet to white.

When the crown chakra is balanced, one feels connected to the Higher Self, and can easily access inner wisdom, feel connected to others and to life, and can visualize the bigger picture.  One lives in a state of wholeness and serenity, in true surrender to the unraveling of Divine Will, despite what is happening all around them externally.  Everything about such an individual radiates inner and outer peace on all levels:  physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and beyond.  Beings who are at this level are often avatars, or become spiritual teachers, gurus, and mentors who lead by example.

A blocked crown chakra tends to be the result of living in a stressful environment, and leading a fast-paced lifestyle.  In addition, a blocked crown can result from unresolved trauma and deeply rooted core beliefs, developed in childhood and reinforced throughout life.  Imbalance here is the result of being conditioned to believe we are separate, isolated beings who are defined by ego and the physical body alone.

Damage at the subtle levels occurs long before physical symptoms manifest.  Symptoms of a malfunctioning crown chakra include depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, disconnection, an inability to absorb and learn new information, and a lack of empathy.

When the level of the crown chakra is reached, it means that the seed of the Soul has sprouted its roots into earth, and grown upward though all of the chakra levels and their associated elements:  Water, Fire, Air, Sound, and Light, now arriving at the level of Thought.  Each level brings new awareness and freedom.  With all levels optimally balanced and open to the Divine energies, the Sahasrara is free to blossom with infinite awareness.

In the yogic teachings, this level is known as Samadhi or Moksha, spiritual liberation and enlightenment.  It is the ultimate state of consciousness, and is beyond reason, beyond the senses, and beyond the physical world surrounding us.  Moksha is the ultimate goal of a human birth, whether the present birth or a future one.

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