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I Am Enough Energy Bracelet

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The I Am Enough Energy Bracelet is intended as a steady reminder that truly loving oneself is a prerequisite to having the full capacity to truly love others.  We are all created from the same magical stardust, and we are All Enough.



The time for Self Love is long overdue!  Allow the energies of the I Am Enough Energy Bracelet hold you and keep you in the sacred space of Self Love.

Surrender to the gentle yet profound benefits of this combination of high-grade, semi-precious gemstones, allowing the stones to permeate your being. 

This energy bracelet has a decidedly calming, cheerful, healing vibe, and fosters the qualities of love, compassion, luck, self love, self acceptance, wisdom, intuition, along with plenty of grounding stability.


As Above, So Below

When used with respect and mindful intention, crystals can facilitate impressive and lasting positive effects that begin first and foremost with the astral body.  As above, so below.  Once the astral body begins to more optimally align itself, then the benefits are soon experienced in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies as well. 


Some aspects of astral body care can be quite difficult and painful, such as the necessary but often dreaded “shadow work”.

But some aspects are easy, and quite enjoyable –  like wearing high quality crystals and gemstones for example.  We can allow the crystals to do their work in the subtle realms, while we enjoy the sparkle and joy they naturally emit in the physical realm. 

We are most often attracted to that which the astral body requires.  We know this because it is what we naturally gravitate toward, and what resonates with us.  These intuitive requirements can change depending on the current state of affairs within the inner and outer worlds.   

Sometimes you may find yourself drawn to a specific gemstone or crystal type that normally does not attract you.  It is important to employ mindfulness here, and pay close attention to these instances.   It may very well be the Higher Self pulling and coaxing you toward an energy that would be very beneficial.

I Am Enough & the Heart Chakra

It is taught that the Heart Chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit, is the bridge between the physical realms and the spiritual realms.  From the realm of bodily manifestation, at the level of the heart, one now moves into the softer, subtler realms.

It is represented by it’s Sanskrit symbol, with a six-sided star and a lotus with twelve petals.  One triangle of the star points downward toward the earth and the physical realm.  And one triangle of the star points upward toward the heavens.

The heart is our spiritual center and core, and is responsible for integrating and balancing the forces from below with the forces from above.  This is why the heart chakra is so very important.

The love that is experienced at the level of the Heart Chakra is entirely different from the love that is experienced through the physical realm alone.  This level of love is not dependent on a person, object, experience or to summarize, an outside force or stimulation.  It is experienced first inwardly, as a pure state of being.  And then it is radiated outwardly, and shared with others in its purified state.  Love from the level of the Heart Chakra has enduring, eternal, stable, and constant qualities.

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1 review for I Am Enough Energy Bracelet

  1. Antionette Flynn (verified owner)

    Durga out did herself again.
    I love all the thought she puts into each packaging and piece that she creates. That’s why it makes a perfect gift to yourself or a friend 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Video #1 from Antionette Flynn
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