Meditation Accessories

 Meditation Accessories

Rock Kandy is pleased to begin offering a selection of quality meditation accessories, to help support and enhance your meditation practice.  We now carry imported lightweight shawls, with the Sanskrit OM symbol, and high quality, imported incense gift sets.

Lightweight shawls can be extremely beneficial to wear during meditation practice, as one can become quite chilled from sitting still for periods of time.  Attending to the physical needs of the body prior to meditation practice sets one up for success and a more enjoyable experience.

Energetically it offers a layer of protection and privacy for your practice.  If you’ve never tried wearing a shawl while meditating, you’re in for a treat!  Try it, and you may never go back to the old ways…

Burning high quality incense energizes and transforms your spiritual space and home, warding off any lingering negative energies and vibrations.  It is a treat to the senses, and has been used within the ancient temples of India and other areas of the world for thousands of years.

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