The Maha Shakti Collection

The Maha Shakti Meditation Beads

Become One with the inner Goddess Power, and the Maha Shakti Collection.

Establish a firm foundation with the properties of Black Jasper and Hematite.  Both of these stones are well known for their grounding and balancing energies, of utmost importance when beginning or maintaining a spiritual and meditation practice.  One must have a strong root foundation in order to heal and advance into the subtler levels of existence.

While using the Maha Shakti meditation beads, open yourself to the limitless source of Divine Love, Compassion, and Protection.  The heart is of utmost importance, as it serves as the bridge joining physical manifestation with the more subtle realities.  Allow the Rose Quartz and Pink Agate to heal the tender heart from past trauma.  Practice self-forgiveness, allowing yourself Grace for past mistakes.  Resolve to not repeat them in the future, and move forward along the path.  Be good, do good.

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