Travel Altar Collection

The Travel Altar Collection

The Travel Altar Collection:  because spiritual practice is not meant only from the comfort of the cushion, along with the controlled environment and familiarity of our home and spiritual space.  Spiritual practice, whichever the path, is ultimately meant for integrating into one’s daily life, in a deep and meaningful way.  It is meant to bring fulfillment and mindfulness into our everyday life activities.  It is meant to elevate us through the five senses, simultaneously clearing the mind and astral body of toxins that continue to drag us down.  Spiritual practice can and should be an invaluable tool at our disposal, during times of both joy and sorrow.

The Travel Altar by Rock Kandy is multi-faceted.  It is perfectly suitable to be used as a permanent, small home altar.  However, where it really shines is on the road.  It is completely self-contained, and can easily be packed up and brought along for any journey, whether near or far.  The Travel Altar is totally compact, convenient, and customizable.  Also known as a Prayer or Pooja Box, this unique altar kit can be used according to your own personal path and inspiration.

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