Mandala Stones

Mandala Stones

Mandala is the Sanskrit word meaning “circle”, or more specifically, “magic circle” or “center”.  Mandalas symbolize unity and harmony, by offering balancing visual elements.  Mandala stones can serve as an excellent tool for a grounding, visual meditation practice.  The mandala is conducive to a spiritual practice, as it embodies cosmic and psychic order.

Mandalas have served mankind for centuries.  The Hindus were one of the first people to utilize the mandala as a spiritual tool.  They are also used by Buddhists, Aboriginals, Hopi, and many more.  Mandalas have been used for meditation purposes, allowing the individual to merge with the Cosmic Consciousness.

Dr. Carl Jung, famed Swiss psychiatrist, employed the mandala in his work with clients.  He felt that when a mandala was concentrated upon, human consciousness became elevated and able to receive revelations about the true potential and wholeness of the Self.

Mandalas are present within every aspect of life, beginning with the Earth, Sun, and the Moon.  The circle of the mandala also extends to our circles of families, friends, and communities.  The circular design of the mandala represents the belief that life is never ending.  We are spiritual beings living out a human existence.  This cycle perpetuates, as we shed our physical bodies and return to our Source, only to take yet another birth – learning the many lessons as we move through each lifespan here on Earth.

Mandala Stones by Rock Kandy are meticulously hand-painted, adorned, and sealed.  They are designed to be visually stunning, with details that allow one to fully concentrate on the stone during the meditation practice.

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