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Mala Meditation Beads


Mindfulness and meditation tools hand crafted by Rock Kandy

What are Mala Meditation Beads?

Meditation Beads, commonly known as Mala Beads, are used in the practice of japa meditation to count mantras, prayers, or intentions.  Mala is the Sanskrit word meaning “garland”.  A full strand of mala meditation beads consists of 108 individually knotted counting beads, a guru bead, and a tassel.  In addition, meditation beads handcrafted by Rock Kandy include an amplifying crystal. 

 Meditation beads are an ancient tool developed to keep the mind focused and clear from intruding thoughts.  The guru bead provides a starting and ending point for counting the beads, which corresponds to repetitions of mantra.  This practice is known as japa meditation.  When incorporated into daily life, japa meditation has the potential to transform everyday life from the mundane to the Divine, simultaneously paving the way towards inner peace.


Meditate & Realize

Meditation Accessories

Meditation Shawls with Sanskrit OM Symbol


Wearing a shawl during practice provides great comfort by keeping the chill away while sitting still during meditation practice.

Lotus Flower Incense Gift Sets


Rock Kandy is pleased to begin offering meditation accessories.  We now offer lightweight meditation shawls, in a variety of colors.   In addition, we now carry fine imported incense and burner gift sets.  Energize, honor, and transform your spiritual space and home with high quality imported incense cones and unique lotus flower incense burners.

Mala Beads Hand Knotted with Love

Our Signature Collection: The Beachcomber

Soothe & Restore

Amazonite Stone and Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads

Soothe and Restore with The Beachcomber Meditation Beads, as easy and natural as a walk on your favorite beach. 

Incorporate the incredible Amazonite Stone into daily meditation practice, and feel the soothing, healing, energetic waves wash over your spiritual being.  As you quietly tune into your True Nature, open yourself to the healing and transformation that awaits. 


Rock Kandy Favorites

The Maha Shiva


Ground & Transform

The Maha Shakti


Heal & Manifest

Limited Edition
Kandy Couture Collection


Harmonize & Connect

The Rock Kandy Difference


A great honor

At Rock Kandy, we specialize in creating intricately hand crafted mindfulness and meditation tools, to elevate and transform the spirit within.

For those wishing to begin a new meditation practice, or for those wishing to deepen or augment an existing practice, you’ve come to the right place. 

 Now, more than ever, a daily meditation practice is crucial to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.  As we will all inevitably learn, there is nothing more important nor sacred than the journey within. 

I consider it a great honor to have helped many in their quest for reconnection to the Divine Source within. 

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