Handmade Meditation Tools for the Sacred Journey Within

Handmade Meditation Tools for the Sacred Journey Within


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Handmade Meditation Tools Honoring the Ancient Traditions

Mala Beads for the Sacred Journey Within

Handmade Mala Beads created by Rock Kandy are artistically designed and hand knotted, with the utmost care and respect in honoring  the timeless, ancient traditions of this practice and sacred journey.

Created within a satvic, spiritual space while chanting sacred mantra, each mala bead strand is imbued with the highest of Divine energies and mindful intentions.  

Deepen and enhance your spiritual and meditation practice with these high quality, semi precious gemstone meditation beads, hand knotted with loving care.

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Handmade Quality, Outstanding Craftsmanship


Like a beacon of warm light welcoming the weary traveler, handmade meditation tools created by Durga are providing Soul nourishing support during troubled times.  During the many challenges of life, one can find true inner peace and harmony, by divine deep within, the beginnings of a profoundly sacred journey. 

All Mala Beads are hand crafted by Rock Kandy, and  include 108 high grade, energetically potent, semi precious gemstones.  Curious about the origins of 108? Click here!

Rock Kandy Mala Beads are double strung with an extremely durable nylon cord.  Each stone is individually hand knotted.  They are completed with a guru or meru bead, amplifying crystal, and a hand made tassel.  

Included is a removable Rock Kandy branded charm, as a marker denoting the halfway point around the mala.  A branded, linen travel bag completes the package. 

Mala beads are the tangible experience, providing a vital link that bridges the perceived gap between the physical realm that one experiences through the sense of touch, and the subtle realm, with the practice of quieting and focusing the mind during meditation practice. 

Rock Kandy Mala Beads come fully supported, with a wealth of information to assist with embarking upon a brand new meditation practice, or to enhance an existing practice.  To learn more, please read on, as this is explained fully in the very next section.

Handmade with Special Attention to Detail

Humble beginnings & Sacred Journey

At Rock Kandy, we “cut our teeth” on the road.  For several years, we have been blessed to attend numerous art and farmer’s markets, in addition to mystical and psychic fairs throughout the local areas of the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast.  We have met many amazing, unique, and interesting fellow travelers, and handmade artisans, and have honed our skills over time, taking into consideration any helpful suggestions along the way. 

An important message

A few years ago, during one such event, a woman with an intuitive nature approached The Rock Kandy booth, having felt very drawn to the wares on display.  A friendly conversation began, and she mentioned that a while back, she had purchased some Tibetan Buddhist mala beads, but had no idea how to use them.  Of what use would such a potentially powerful tool be, if one did not know how to begin using it?  Quickly, realization dawned that this was a crucial, Divinely guided message, regarding this particular roadblock that aspirants may encounter along the way. From that day forward, our practices were transformed to include this crucial information.

Helpful tips and suggestions

Mala Beads by Rock Kandy come fully supported with a wealth of indispensable information, including practical step by step instructions and suggestions to begin and sustain a daily meditation practice.  In addition, instruction on how to practice japa meditation is provided.  Equally important and also included are the energetic and healing qualities of the semi precious gemstones included in the mala, along with any unique intentions or inspirations relating to that specific piece.  


It is a great honor and blessing to have helped so many in their quest for reconnection to the Divine Nature within.  Although this connection ALWAYS exists, through perceived separation from Divine Source, we continue to suffer. 

Some Help with Choosing Mala Beads

Crystals are actually living beings that have been used to enhance and uplift the spirit of human kind for thousands of years.  

Crystals are the vital link between the physical and etheric realms.  They simultaneously connect us to Mother Earth, and to the Cosmos – from the microcosm to the macrocosm.  They are endowed with Divine Intelligence in the form of sacred geometry, and carry a wide range of frequencies depending upon the atomic and structural composition, in addition to the dynamic, powerful forces responsible for their creation.

Crystals do their work in the subtle realms.  When used with respect and mindful intention, they can have powerful, lasting, and positive effects on the astral body.  As above, so below. When one begins to focus on and care for the astral body, powerful healing effects are soon showered upon the physical body.  It is said that when dis-ease sets into the physical body, it has often been the result of chronic astral body neglect or downright abuse.  Within the intricate web of energy and manifesting karma,  through thoughts, words, and deeds; as one sows, so shall one reap.

Owing to the crystals’ innate intelligence, there is communication happening at the astral, etheric, soul level, often without our conscious recognition.  This manifests as either intense, strong attraction, or even the opposite, in an aversion.  Therefore, it is always best to listen to the intuition when choosing crystals for spiritual work.  What is the initial gut feeling, often the first thought that pops in, before the ego and mind assert their influence? 

The following questions should be considered as well.  What types of gemstones have you always been attracted to?  Or, have you always been attracted to one particular color/energetic type – but now, suddenly feel drawn to a completely different style than what you would normally choose?  These and more could all be important messages, and should be explored.  But don’t worry – here at Rock Kandy, we got you!  At your fingertips, you will find a wealth of information.  Embark upon the adventure and begin to explore.  Have fun and enjoy this part of the sacred journey.   

After reading about the properties of the gemstones that resonate, do the energies match up or somehow or compliment an area of life that needs healing or enhancement?  Do the properties either tone down or ramp up aspects of your inner being and how you interact in the world?  Do the energies represent the direction your intuition is telling you to go?  What is the intuition saying now?


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