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Mala Bags


Rock Kandy now offers a selection of Mala Bags, for use as part of a dedicated japa meditation practice.  A mala bag is an excellent way to keep your beads clean, safe, secure, and private.


Mala Bags

Keep Your Japa Meditation Practice Sacred

Mala Bags are an excellent way to keep your mala beads and japa meditation practice sacred, protected, and private.  With a mala bag, one need not worry about their beads accidentally touching an unclean surface.

A mala bag is an excellent tool for one who enjoys taking their meditation practice on the go, which is ultimately what everyone should be doing.

Simply loop the bag around your neck, placing the index finger through the alloted hole.  This keeps the ego energetic pathway separated from the beads during your practice.  


It is important to keep the mala strand used specifically for meditation practice sacred, clean, and private.  If this mala must be worn in public, it is best to wear under the clothing, next to the skin.  

Additional information

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Mala Bag Colors

Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Orange with Sanskrit Print, Purple, Teal, Yellow with Radha Krishna Print


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