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Empress Mandala Stone


The Empress Mandala Stone is hand painted on natural stone, and accented with crystals.  Use of a stone during the practice of sitting meditation is an excellent way to ground, stabilize, and practice concentration – the precursor to meditation.

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The Empress Mandala Stone

Introducing Empress, a one of a kind, hand-crafted work of art.  This large, natural mandala stone has been meticulously hand painted and embellished.

In addition, this beauty has been coated with a non-toxic, Selenite infused resin coating.  Not only does this provide a protective, lasting finish, but it also charges this stone with the power of Selenite. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Hand stained and varnished wooden box
  • Small bag of hand selected crystals
  • Detailed instructions for use in a meditation practice

The Empress Mandala Stone is an excellent tool to begin a new meditation practice, or enhance an existing one.  

The design is visually stunning, and offers a range of warm and cool colors, along with many facets and details to explore with the eyes.  It is intended to absorb the mind in such a way that the endless chattering of the thoughts slows down, and the observer begins to achieve a more subtle level of consciousness and awareness.


Mandalas in various forms have been used by mankind for centuries.  The mandala is a tool that is used to calm the mind, quiet the thoughts, and improve concentration.

In modern society, the term “meditation” is used very loosely.  Actually, the precursor to meditation is concentration, and there is a very important distinction.  In fact, concentration must be perfected before true meditation, by definition, will ever happen.

Once concentration is perfected, and the thought waves are one-pointed on the object of meditation, meditation itself just happens.  It comes much as sleep comes, but it is not sleep at all.


The Yogic Practice of Tratak

Tratak, Sanskrit for “gazing” is an ancient yogic technique of gazing upon an object of concentration.  It is an exercise to improve the powers of concentration.  It is also a cleansing technique (kriya) for the eyes.  The Empress Mandala Stone is intended to be compatible with this ancient cleansing practice.

Tratak is the practice of steady gazing at a particular object or point without blinking.  Allow the eyes to water and go in and out of focus, maintaining concentration on the object.  Always remain connected to the breath and present moment during this practice.  When thought emerge, return the attention back to the breath and the object of concentration. 

This practice is highly beneficial for developing concentration and mental focus, cleansing the eyes, and improving eyesight.


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