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Red Garnet, Golden Sunstone, and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads

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Energize, revitalize, and connect to the Light with Red Garnet, Golden Sunstone, and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads by Rock Kandy
Due to variations inherent within the crystals, and also due to artist intuition, choice, or availability, meditation bead strands of the same type and collection will vary.  In this way, each creation is a special and unique work of art.

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Harmonize and connect to the joyful nature of your True Self with the Red Garnet, Golden Sunstone and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads

A positively delightful combination of grounding, balancing, vibrant energies – sure to enhance any meditation practice in a most positive way.

Meditation Bead Features:

 – 108 individually hand knotted high grade semi precious gemstones

 – Durably constructed, with double strung burgundy nylon cord

 – Silver guru or meru bead

 – Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz amplifying crystal

 – Handmade shimmery burgundy tassel

 – Removable RK mala marker, denoting the halfway point around the mala strand

 – On point packaging


 – Information on the energetic and healing properties of the semi precious gemstones used, along with instructions for care of your meditation beads

 – Information on how to begin a regular or daily meditation practice with meditation beads

 – Information on how to practice japa meditation

 – Travel bag


Energetic and healing properties of these high grade red garnet, golden sunstone, and faceted clear crystal quartz semi precious gemstone meditation beads

Red Garnet

Red Garnet is found worldwide. Long ago it was carried as a protective talisman, believed to warn of impending danger.  Red Garnet is a stone of commitment, and enhances devotion, understanding, trust, sincerity, and honesty in relationships.  Red Garnet is a powerfully energizing and regenerating stone.  It cleanses and balances the chakras, revitalizing and purifying the energies, resulting in overall balance throughout the energy body.  Red Garnet controls anger, especially toward the self.  Red Garnet can help draw festering emotions to the surface for transmutation.  With this stone’s assistance, pain, resentment, and dis-ease can be converted into well-being.  Red Garnet allows for recognition of self-sabotage, and resistance to change.  Red Garnet enhances the courage to speak out.  It not only encourages transformation, but also helps to provide the stamina needed to maintain this new shift and way of being.  With Red Garnet’s assistance, one can remain faithful to one’s true purpose.  The energies of Red Garnet combined with Golden Sunstone merge together to form this perfectly unique and dynamic strand of high quality Meditation Beads, lovingly handcrafted by Rock Kandy.


Clear Crystal Quartz

Clear Crystal Quartz is found worldwide, and is perhaps the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form. Clear Crystal Quartz holds a dynamic hologram of the soul and universal knowledge.  The indigenous people of America refer to Quartz as the brain cells of Mother Earth, and this abundant crystal seems to instinctively know what is required.  By attuning to the user’s specific frequency and energetic requirements, it transmutes negativity, amplifies energy, adjusts the vibrational field, and raises consciousness to the highest state possible, for that individual.  Clear Crystal Quartz contains all of the colors in the spectrum, and therefore works at all levels of frequency.  It is popular among crystal workers, as it enhances psychic abilities and attunes one to their true spiritual purpose.  This deep soul cleanser removes the seeds of karmic dis-ease, detoxifies the emotional field, and balances the mind.  AAA Grade Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz has been chosen as the amplifying crystal for the Red Garnet and Golden Sunstone Meditation Beads, thereby enhancing and potentiating the energetic effects of the these incredible semi precious gemstones.  

Golden Sunstone

Golden Sunstone is found in Canada, the United States, Norway, Greece, and India.  Golden Sunstone is linked to luck and good fortune.  It is a joyful, light-inspiring stone, and with its light comes heightened intuition.  It clears and energizes all of the chakras, bringing light and positive energy.  Golden Sunstone instills good nature, and allows the real Self to shine through happily.  It dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality.  Golden Sunstone brings about a profound connection to the light, and to the regenerative power of the sun not only during meditation practice, but in everyday life as well.  Golden Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment, independence, and vitality.  It is also a very useful stone for overcoming procrastination.  Yet another benefit to the power of Golden Sunstone is its ability to help cut ties with whomever or whatever no longer serves our best and highest good.  It is helpful for those who have difficulty saying “no”,  and who continually make sacrifices for others without regard to their own well-being.  Golden Sunstone acts as an antidepressant, and has the ability to lift the mood.  It also has the effect of reversing the feelings of failure, increasing self-worth and confidence.


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