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Purple Amethyst, Rainbow Flourite, and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads


Unlock profound wisdom, and awaken to your True Nature with the Purple Amethyst, Rainbow Flourite, and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads by Rock Kandy
Due to variations inherent within the crystals, and also due to artist intuition, choice, or availability, meditation bead strands of the same type and collection will vary.  In this way, each creation is a special and unique work of art.

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Harmonize and connect with the subtle realities and Divine nature within, with the Purple Amethyst, Rainbow Flourite, and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads

Prepare to dive into the ocean of bliss that awaits, with the surreal yet dynamic combination of colors and subtle energies of the Purple Amethyst, Rainbow Flourite, and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads

Meditation Bead Features:

 – 108 individually hand knotted high grade semi precious gemstones

 – Durably constructed, with double strung lilac nylon cord

 – Silver guru or meru Bead

 – Faceted Crystal Quartz amplifying crystal

 – Handmade tassel in purple or multi color

 – Removable RK mala marker, denoting the halfway point around the mala strand

 – On point packaging


 – Information on the energetic and healing properties of the semi precious gemstones used, along with instructions for care of your meditation beads

 – Information on how to begin a regular or daily meditation practice with meditation beads

 – Information on how to practice japa meditation

 – Travel bag


Energetic and healing properties of these high grade Purple Amethyst, Rainbow Flourite, and Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz semi precious gemstone meditation beads

Purple Amethyst

Purple Amethyst is found in the United States, Britain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, East Africa, Siberia, and India.  Purple Amethyst is known for its extreme powers of protection, guarding against psychic attack and transmuting the lower energies into love.  In addition, at the physical level, Purple Amethyst is an effective block against geopathic stress, which is said to occur as a result of the relationship between earth’s energies and people’s well being.  Purple Amethyst carries a high spiritual vibration, balancing and opening the crown (Sahasrara) and third eye (Ajna) chakras.  Purple Amethyst encourages wisdom, deep love, devotion, and peace of mind.  The serenity generated by Purple Amethyst encourages higher states of consciousness, when used regularly during meditation practice.   Purple Amethyst is prized by crystal workers, as it has the ability to help turn thoughts away from the mundane and into a state of tranquility, deep understanding, and the blissful, more subtle realities.  Purple Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, and has the ability to either calm or stimulate depending upon the energetic needs of its owner.  Mentally, it is a stone of clarity, and therefore helps with decision making. It helps one feel less scattered, more focused, and in better control of faculties.  Its energy encourages common sense and deep spiritual insights, and also helps with putting these new realizations into the practice of daily life. 

Mother Earth gifts us with these immensely valuable semi precious gemstones in abundance, as Purple Amethyst is found worldwide.  Perhaps this can be viewed as a compelling message that we ourselves are long overdue in embracing the qualities that Purple Amethyst provides.  Thus, it was chosen to play an important role in these energetically impressive meditation beads, hand knotted with love and intention by Rock Kandy. 


Clear Crystal Quartz

Clear Crystal Quartz is found worldwide, and is perhaps the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form. Clear Crystal Quartz holds a dynamic hologram of the soul and universal knowledge.  The indigenous people of America refer to Quartz as the brain cells of Mother Earth, and this abundant crystal seems to instinctively know what is required.  By attuning to the user’s specific frequency and energetic requirements, it transmutes negativity, amplifies energy, adjusts the vibrational field, and raises consciousness to the highest state possible, for that individual.  Clear Crystal Quartz contains all of the colors in the spectrum, and therefore works at all levels of frequency.  It is popular among crystal workers, as it enhances psychic abilities and attunes one to their true spiritual purpose.  This deep soul cleanser removes the seeds of karmic dis-ease, detoxifies the emotional field, and balances the mind.  AAA Grade Faceted Clear Crystal Quartz has been chosen as the amplifying crystal for the Purple Amethyst and Rainbow Flourite meditation beads, enhancing and magnifying the powerful effects of both the Purple Amethyst and the Rainbow Flourite.  

Rainbow Flourite

Rainbow Flourite is found in the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, Norway, China, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil.  Rainbow Fluorite corresponds to the higher heart (thymus) chakra, but also helps to balance the energies of all chakras, with the effect of cleansing and stabilizing the aura.  Rainbow Flourite is a highly protective stone, especially at the psychic level.  It grounds and helps integrate spiritual energies.  It enhances the intuitive powers, making one more aware of the subtle spiritual realities.  It serves as a link between the individual mind and the Universal Mind.  At the physical level, Rainbow Flourite is an effective block against computer and electromagnetic stress.   Like Purple Amethyst, it too is an effective block of geopathic stress.  Crystal workers use Rainbow Flourite to draw off negative energies and stress of any kind.  Rainbow Flourite helps to cleanse, purify, dispel, and reorganize the energy both within and without the physical body.  Therefore, if one’s energy has become disorganized, Rainbow Fluorite quickly brings the subtle and physical bodies back into order.  If life has become disorganized, Rainbow Fluorite helps one to think straight and get life back on track.  If one is under the spell of any illusions, Rainbow Fluorite helps dissolve them so that the truth can be revealed and objective decisions can be made.  It also facilitates information processing linking what is already known to what is being learned.  Rainbow Flourite helps to dissolve fixed ideas, and is an excellent stone for helping one move past narrow mindedness, and into the bigger picture.  Emotionally, Rainbow Flourite has a stabilizing effect, and assists with understanding the link between the emotions, the mind, and the physical body.  Rainbow Flourite is an excellent stone for a meditation practice.  By comparing the descriptions of these two semi precious gemstones, it can be seen that they are a match made in the heavens, and are a visually and energetically striking combination, a force to be reckoned with. 


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