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Pink Agate, Rose Quartz, Black Jasper, and Hematite Meditation Beads

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Use the Maha Shakti Meditation Beads to tap into the grounding, heart-healing combination of Pink Agate, Rose Quartz, Black Jasper, and Hematite.  A striking combination both energetically and visually.

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Heal the Heart and Soothe the Soul with the Maha Shakti Mediation Beads

Armed with the power of Shakti infused within your meditation beads and practice, begin to cultivate true healing and abundance.

Deep healing can occur as a direct result of a dedicated meditation practice, clearing away that which no longer serves our best and highest good.  This paves the way for transcendence and manifestation to occur. 

Meditation Bead Features:

 – 108 individually hand knotted high grade semi precious gemstones

 – Durably constructed, with double strung pale pink nylon cord

 – Silver guru or meru bead

 – Pink Agate amplifying crystal

 – Hand crafted cotton pink tassel

 – Lotus charm

 – Removable RK mala marker, denoting the halfway point around the mala strand

 – On point packaging


 – Information on the energetic and healing properties of the semi precious gemstones used, along with instructions in caring for your meditation beads

 – Information on how to begin a regular or daily meditation practice

 – Information on how to practice japa meditation with meditation beads

 – Travel bag


The Shakti Power Mini Mala Beads

For the practice of walking meditation and meditation on the go


Click the above button to learn more.

Introducing the Shakti Power Mini Mala.

Mini Walking Malas, also known as Worry Beads or Prayer Beads, are a 27 bead version in comparison to the standard 108 bead size. 

Mini Malas are typically used in the practice of japa or mantra meditation.  When used while reciting a divine mantra, the practice of walking meditation can be profoundly healing and beneficial.

A Mini Mala is most amazing if you have access to a walking meditation, serenity, or zen garden.  However, not exclusively so, as this piece is meant for use during every day life.   Whether sitting on the meditation cushion, out in nature, stuck in traffic, or anytime some added prayers or a quieter mind are needed. 

Keep your Mini handy as a traveling companion, ready to serve all of your prayer, meditation and healing needs. 

The Shakti Power Mini Mala Beads share the same semi-precious gemstone design as their larger counterpart, the Maha Shakti Mala Beads.  Check out the healing benefits below.  

Energetic and healing properties of these high grade pink agate, rose quartz, black jasper, and hematite semi precious gemstone meditation beads

Pink Agate

The Agates are found in the United States, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Africa.  It is a very stable crystal, formed from microscopic quartz crystals laid down in bands.  Agates are excellent grounding stones, bringing about emotional, physical and intellectual balance.  It can transform negativity, soothe anger and distress, boost confidence and support, and in addition, it promotes unconditional love.  Pink Agate balances the yin and yang energies, bringing calmness.  This stone is very healing to the Anahata heart chakra, as this is where the emotions are experienced.  Dramatic in appearance, Pink Agate plays a starring role in the Maha Shakti Meditation Beads Collection.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, found in South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Japan, India, and Madagascar, has long been known as the stone of unconditional love.  It heals emotions and transforms relationships not only with others, but more importantly to oneself, drawing in love and harmony.  Prized by crystal workers for its effect on the heart, Rose Quartz releases unexpressed emotions and underlying heartache that can create psychosomatic dis-ease.  Rose Quartz’s stabilizing properties helps one look objectively at situations and prevents emotional overwhelm.  By dissolving guilt and bitterness, this crystal teaches self-love and acceptance, and forgiveness of the past.  Rose Quartz encourages Divine Love rather than selfish love.  This equates to love of all beings as sentient Divine manifestations, not only love of “mine”.  The gentle, soft energy of Rose Quartz plays the ever important supporting role in the Maha Shakti Meditation Beads Collection.


Black Jasper

There are many different types of Jaspers, and they are found worldwide.  Jasper is known for giving a powerful boost of energy, strength, stamina, and spiritual grounding, and is thus known as the “supreme nurturer”.  The strong spiritual grounding vibration of Black Jasper resonates within the lower three chakras: the root (Muladhara), the sacral (Svadhisthanna), and the solar plexus (Manipura).  This helps to  balance and align these chakras, providing a very strong base of support.  One cannot hope to evolve spiritually into the higher more subtle chakras without a strong foundation in which to build upon.  Black Jasper is a stone of courage and protection.  It encourages self honesty.   If there has been selfishness, Black Jasper’s vibration encourages harmony when working with others.  Black Jasper is the grounding, balancing force and is therefore an integral part of the Maha Shakti Meditation Beads Collection.



Hematite is found in Britain, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, and Switzerland.  Hematite has a deep, earthy vibration, and is therefore associated with the root chakra, or Muladhara.  Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and is calming in times of stress or worry.  This stone’s power overcomes weakness or timidity of any kind, enhances self-esteem, and strengthens personal power and magnetism.  It is said that Hematite can be useful for past-life healings in particular when trauma was present, and can also assist in overcoming addictions rooted in emotional cravings or unfulfilled desires.  Hold hematite to protect and ground the soul back into the body after journeying or spiritual work.  Hematite provides a very important force in keeping one grounded and oriented to the physical realm.  Hematite compliments the Black Jasper nicely, and pairs beautifully with the wide array of pink tones and hues of the Pink Agate and Rose Quartz stones, and therefore finishes off the Maha Shakti Meditation Beads Collection quite nicely! 


The Lotus Flower

The final touch in some pieces of the Maha Shakti Meditation Beads Collection is a small lotus charm affixed to the handmade tassel.  The Lotus Flower carries significant spiritual meaning.  The flower grows on long stalks, rising up above the muddy waters, displaying its radiance.  The muddy waters represent the muddy waters of human attachment and desire.  It is symbolic of detachment to these endless desires, as the droplets of water easily slide off its waterproof petals.  The lotus is often used to represent Divine beauty and purity, while the unfolding petals represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.  


The Lotus is the symbol of rebirth, growth and purification of spirit.

Maha Shakti


The energy of Shakti empowers us to be the luminous, radiant, creative beings we are truly meant to be.  When we embody Shakti energy, our will becomes one with the Divine Will, and we are then in flow with the Universe.  This is the embodiment of the inspiration for the Maha Shakti Meditation Beads Collection.


Pictured above is Shakti energy manifesting as Lakshmi, Goddess of abundance and bestower of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, and auspiciousness.  With regards to material wealth, Lakshmi can be fickle and elusive; but one always tries to catch Her! 

Much more importantly, the abundance of spiritual wealth showered upon the sincere devotee is never ending.

Maha is the Sanskrit word for Great.  Shakti is defined as the primordial cosmic energy, representing the dynamic universal forces responsible for creation and manifestation.  It is also known as the Feminine aspect of the Divine, as it is the female who gives birth and is therefore the conduit for this Divine expression.  Shakti is the dynamic force manifesting as Divine Mother, and each of her countless aspects is expressed with a different name and form. 

In the first picture, Maha Shakti is depicted in the form of a warrior, carrying various weapons and assuming mudras (symbolic hand gestures).  Shakti in warrior form, at first glance, can seem terrifying.  However, there is a deeper meaning at play here, than what meets the eye.  The “war” that is to be fought is on the private, inner battle ground.  The war to eradicate ourselves of ego, vice, anger, prejudice, hatred, envy, jealousy, obsession, the list goes on and on. 

Maha Shakti's Weapons

Commonly seen weapons are the chakra (discus wheel), symbolizing dharma, or right duty and righteousness.  The conch shell is a symbol of purity, brilliance, and auspiciousness.  The sword symbolizes the eradication of ego run amuck, cutting ties with the accompanying vices which no longer serve; the ability to discriminate between real vs unreal.  The bow represents female energy, the arrow represents male energy.  We are each endowed with a mixture of both male and female energies and polarities; it is ideal to have these energies in balance for optimal function.  The lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening and detachment from the muddy waters of endless human desires and attachments.  As the droplet of water easily rolls off the petal of the Lotus, so too shall these numerous unhealthy attachments roll off of us.  The club symbolizes protection and destruction of that which is no longer in the dharmic best interest.  The trident symbolizes mastery over the three modes of nature – the three qualities or gunas, namely satva, rajas, and tamas.  Often, one hand is up with palm exposed, in a gesture of blessing and to have no fear.  

Learn more from the Rock Kandy knowledge base

2 reviews for Pink Agate, Rose Quartz, Black Jasper, and Hematite Meditation Beads

  1. Diana Garino (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! You can feel the love
    Vibrating through them 🙂

  2. DEBRA S. (verified owner)

    This mala is so beautiful! High quality stones, and wonderful craftsmanship.
    Very special!

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