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Amazonite Stone with Quartz Crystal Meditation Beads

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Tap into inner tranquility, awakening the truth within, by harnessing the soothing, gentle energy of The Beachcomber: Amazonite Stone with Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads, Signature Collection handcrafted by Rock Kandy
Due to variations inherent within the crystals, and also due to artist intuition, choice, or availability, meditation bead strands of the same type and collection will vary.  In this way, each creation is a special and unique work of art.

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Soothe and restore with the tranquil energy of the Amazonite Stone with Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads

With muted colors and pastel shades, these stones are as natural and relaxing as a walk on the beach.  Incorporate the Amazonite Stone and Crystal Quartz Meditation Beads into your daily spiritual practices, to improve tolerance over life’s everyday stressors.
Meditation Bead Features:

 – 108 individually hand knotted high grade semi precious gemstones

 – Durably constructed, with double strung french vanilla nylon cord

 – Silver guru or meru bead

 – Quartz amplifying crystal

 – Hand crafted teal cotton tassel

 – Removable RK mala marker, denoting the halfway point around the mala strand

 – On point packaging


 – Information on the energetic and healing properties of the semi precious gemstones used, along with instructions for care of your meditation beads

 – Information on how to begin a regular or daily meditation practice with meditation beads

 – Information on how to practice japa meditation

 – Travel bag


Energetic and healing properties of these high grade Amazonite Stone and Crystal Quartz semi precious gemstone meditation beads

Amazonite Stone

Amazonite Stone is found in the United States, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Namibia, and Austria.  Amazonite has a powerful filtering quality.  At the physical level, it helps block electromagnetic pollution.  At the mental level, it helps to filter information entering the mind, combining it with intuition.  Amazonite transmutes destructive emotional patterns and deconstructs ingrained beliefs, encouraging creative thinking to help one consciously create a new reality.  It is a powerful stone for balancing the masculine and feminine energies, and the personality in general.  If one needs courage to move forward in life and break negative tendencies, Amazonite can encourage independence while drawing supportive friends near.  Amazonite balances and opens the heart, throat, and third eye chakras, enhancing loving communication and intuition.  With its natural, beachy colors combined with the soothing, energetic properties, Amazonite is a worthy stone to enhance any meditation practice.  When worn as an energetic spiritual jewelry piece, it will provide the reminder that no matter where we are, we can always be in tune with Mother Ocean.


Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal is found worldwide, and is perhaps the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form.  Quartz holds a dynamic hologram of the soul and universal knowledge.  The indigenous people of America refer to Quartz as the brain cells of Mother Earth, and this abundant crystal seems to instinctively know what is required.  By attuning to the user’s specific frequency and energetic requirements, it transmutes negativity, amplifies energy, adjusts the vibrational field, and raises consciousness to the highest state possible, for that individual.  Quartz contains all of the colors, and therefore works at all levels of frequency.  It is popular among crystal workers, as it enhances psychic abilities and attunes one to their true spiritual purpose.  This deep soul cleanser removes the seeds of karmic dis-ease, detoxifies the emotional field, and balances the mind.  Quartz crystal has been chosen as the amplifying crystal for select Beachcomber Meditation Beads Signature Collection, and will very effectively enhance and augment the soothing balancing energy of the Amazonite Stone. 


Smoky Quartz

  Smoky Quartz is a very powerful crystal that shields against psychic attack and transmutes negative energies, purifying and returning them as inner stability and energetic grounding.  Smoky Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones, yet at the same time raises vibrations during meditation.  It is an invaluable tool for crystal workers, who regularly utilize it in crystal grids and layouts, or for environmental healing.  If your survival instincts are low, or if you feel drained of energy or depleted by the conditions around you, Smoky Quartz’s psychological strength restores vigor.  It shines light on the gifts that hide in the shadows of your inner being. In today’s “electronic” society, it is valuable for absorbing electromagnetic smog, including Wi-Fi emanations.  Smoky Quartz has been chosen as the amplifying crystal for select pieces in The Beachcomber Meditation Beads Signature Collection.  What a gentle yet protective combination!


The Beachcomber Meditation Beads: Signature Collection handcrafted by Rock Kandy


The inspiration for The Beachcomber Meditation Beads Collection is not difficult to envision.  Just close the eyes, take a deep breath of the refreshing, invigorating salty sea breeze.  Feel the gentle caress of this breeze on your cheeks, as you sink your toes into the cool, soft, wet sand. 

The sun shines brightly, its warm, illuminating rays energizing and healing on all levels.  To those drawn to the sea, who are transformed by Her, this is home.  There is something about the many different moods and fickle nature of Mother Ocean.  At times, her surface appears as smooth as glass.  And at times, within an instant, she can churn with a humbling ferocity.  She is both the giver and the taker of life.

As you gaze upon the water, dapples of sunshine perform an intricate dance of light.  The gentle, mesmerizing waves lapping at your toes both tickle and refresh. Surrounding you, are Her treasures, as endless as her depths.  Tiny crustaceans, colorful seashells, ancient fossils, driftwood – twisted and ravaged by the hands of time.  Evidence of Mother Ocean’s powerful, and at times wrathful force.  

Gazing upon the twinkling horizon, you observe the crystal-clear blue of the shallow waters merge into the dark, midnight blue of the deep.  Countless mysteries lie in the depths below her surface.  Mysteries that will likely remain as such, throughout the passage of time. 

Closing your eyes, you once again fill the lungs with this fresh, briny, oxygenation.  You begin to ponder the waves, and come to the realization that while all waves are pervaded by water, they have no independent existence from the water.  There cannot be a wave without any water.   So too, we are all like waves in the ocean, pervaded by consciousness, the Soul, or Source.  And, like the waves, we do not have have an independent existence without this consciousness.  You are filled with the deep sense that all is One.  For we are not just a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in one drop.

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2 reviews for Amazonite Stone with Quartz Crystal Meditation Beads

  1. Linda Spencer (verified owner)

    This is my second set I have purchased and it is just stunning! Both sets are of such high-quality that they will last a lifetime and beyond. Each one of them has come with all kinds of information, and they are packaged so well and so lovingly! So much attention to detail! You can feel the energy and love with which each one of these are created! I wish I could have one of everything!

  2. KAREN C. (verified owner)

    Love it. It is beautiful

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